Started off my career in IS&T making the databases to store employee data and learned to build security in from the ground up.

Got interested in Compliance and investigation/enforcement of Data Security later on.

Completed an MSc in Digital Investigation at UCD in 2012. Learned methodical investigation methods. Learned incident response procedures. Did a semester in Law and enjoyed trotting out the “I’m not a lawyer so I can’t comment on that” line while acting as an expert witness in a fake trial.

Keeping knowledge of current data protection regulations and practices up-to-date is an ongoing activity of mine.

In work, I complete mandatory Data Privacy training at least once a year and I’m the annoying person who points out “that regulation is specific to the UK…why are Irish employees made learn this?”.

In 2016, I participated in the Law Society’s MOOC on Privacy while also starting a 2-year HDip in Data Science & Analytics course by night in CIT.

In 2017, I attended the Data Summit in Dublin and might venerate the DPC, Helen Dixon, even more now after she battled it out on-stage with Stewart A. Baker.

I listen to weekly podcasts about tech news and security news. To keep on top of daily developments, I follow some of the top Irish and European Data Privacy advocates on Twitter.

It’s not all Tech all the time though…I also read and listen to books and podcasts about communication, leadership, mindfulness, getting better sleep

I’ll write blog posts to share my favourites in all those areas as this website matures.