Book of the Week #15 – Hitting Pause For Now


These past couple of weeks I’ve prioritised reading bits ‘n pieces of books, blogs posts and academic articles related to a project I’m doing for a college night course and it has been great. It’s been great to not worry about finishing a whole book before my weekly blog post. It’s been great getting ideas from different places and following that vein of thought up from different sources. This is how I will operate for the rest of the semester & press Pause on doing “book of the week” posts until January.

This Week’s Book Title [Week 44] : Hitting Pause For Now (not a book title)



I’ve been dreading writing this week’s blog post (that’s why it’s a day late). I feel like a failure for setting aside a goal I was so enthusiastic about a few months ago, just because I’m busier now. Then I remind myself that it would be silly NOT to set aside a goal set arbitrarily in the middle of summer in order to prioritise a goal set almost 2 years ago when I started my HDip in Data Science & Analytics.

We all only have so much time & energy and re-evaluating & re-prioritising goals must be done regularly to make sure that what we’re working on is going to move us forward in our lives/careers.

So goodbye for now, book-of-the-week blog readers. I can’t wait to sit down with a good book over the Christmas holidays and then tell you all about it.

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