Book of the Week #14 – A mixed bag of reading


This week’s blog post is a bit different. When I set myself this goal back in July, the purpose of reading a book a week was to make reading a daily habit again. So although I didn’t read an entire book this week, I still consider that goal met.

This Week’s Book Title [Week 43] : A mixed bag of reading (not a book title)



Like I said last week, I have a big project underway for college (I’m doing a HDip in Data Science & Analytics by night) that I haven’t been making much progress in. I decided to set aside a couple of weeks of reading time to dedicate to reading parts of different books like Reliability Engineering , Forecasting: Principles and Practice, and academic papers on the project’s topic too in order to get a better grasp on it & make some headway on the project.

Without a single go-to book and a certain number of pages to get through before writing up Saturday’s blog post, I found it quite freeing to just pick a topic to read up on for that day, find some material about it, then read it and be done with it. Having variety during the week helped keep me interested in setting aside time to read rather than struggle to force myself to read every word of a dry technical book just to say I’d read it all.


Next week’s book

I will be continuing to use my 30-60 min reading time daily to read various books & papers relating to my college project.



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