Book of the Week #7 – Sourcery: A Discworld Novel


I’ve started to try to actively learn from books rather than just read them. I’m posting my book summaries online to keep myself accountable to my “book a week” goal and hopefully to encourage others to read more too.

This Week’s Book Title [Week 36] : Sourcery: A Discworld Novel

by Terry Pratchett



Paperback. 270 pages

First impressions


The side margins are very narrow, so it being small and light really helped when reading it in bed.


For anyone familiar with Terry Pratchett’s Disc World novels, this tweet conjures up the Luggage. I came across this book (Sorcery) months ago and have been wanting to squeeze it into my reading list so I didn’t need much of an excuse really.

I can’t go into the story without spoiling the story line. Suffice is to say that this book is a classic Rincewind & the Luggage story, which are my favourite of the bunch (although The Night’s Watch stories come a close second).



I forgot how much fun reading a story is…not struggling to finish it in a week, not finding the key learnings in it…just getting so in to the story that you look forward to picking up the book again to see what happens next.

Next week’s book

In case you want to read along with me, here’s what I’m planning to read during the upcoming week: Ready Player One (Science Fiction). Can you believe it! It finally came through at the library.

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