Book of the Week #1


I have a new goal. Yes, I know it’s the middle of July but goals don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day to start.

I love to read books…mostly fiction, with some technical & personal development books in the mix too. My new goal is twofold: 1. to shuffle that mix so fiction is at the bottom not the top, and 2: to actively learn the content of books rather than just read them.

I intend to do this by dedicating some learning time during the day to reading books instead of leaving it until just before bedtime. I will also write summaries of the books and list my key takeaways to prove that I was paying attention (and so I can go back to books that particularly resonate with me)

I’ll post my book summaries online each week to remain accountable and hopefully to encourage my readers to hop on board and read more actively too.

This Week’s Book Title [Week 29] : #NOW: The Life-Changing Psychology of Always Moving Forward

by Dr. Max McKeown



Audiobook (borrowed from Cork City Libraries using the BorrowBox app)

Read By

The author, Dr. Max McKeown

First impressions

Book sections seem to run on and on with no break in between. Finally, the reader announces a new chapter and it seems to just continue on in the same vein again. It was quite hard to keep paying attention.


I listened to the book all the way through first while doing morning stretches, getting breakfast, while driving and any other time when I would have a few minutes. I would often think: “Yeah, that’s me” or “I’m going to be more like that”.

I felt myself wishing for a paper copy of the book so I could highlight sections and then thinking that if it WAS a paperback then it would still be on my bedside locker with the other books I want to read.

By the end of the book I couldn’t really remember much of it, except that “Nowists” prefer to make a decision and move forward, even if it’s not the perfect decision, because it better to move forward and correct any mistakes as you go along rather than wait and do nothing until you think you have the perfect plan.

That was my old way of reading books. Now that I’ve decided to actively learn from books, take notes, form summaries and list my key takeaways, next week’s Book of the Week post should be be more detailed.

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